UX designer based in Indy

As a UX designer, I care about crafting beautiful user interfaces that serve users and meet business goals. My process is focused discovering problems and defining solutions that result in beautifully executed designs.

Seth Richardson: Indianapolis based UX Designer
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Brotherhood Mutual

Brotherhood Mutual is a nationwide insurance company that insures over 58,000 churches and ministries in the United States. I designed and built (front end) the site. Coming soon

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Fleetio is a SaaS company that builds products for fleet services. I worked as a visual designer to help craft new marketing materials that serve to expand the growth of the company. Coming soon

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MinistryWorks is a company that provides church and ministry-specific payroll software. I designed the new marketing SEM site to grow leads and improve branding. Coming soon

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Design Labs

One of my goals as a creative is to always be pushing my abilities in new directions with visual experiments, aka a lab. This section outlines the experiments and how they impacted my work beyond the experiment. Coming soon