Preparing For Successful Projects

August 13, 2018

A few short weeks ago I was able to participate in High Alpha’s famed Sprint Week. The experience was truly phenomenal and I was able to grow professionally so much during that week. One big takeaway I had is that in many areas of my carrier, I’m on mental auto pilot, meaning, I’m not putting in the prep work I should be upcoming events, meetings, or project launches.

What Sprint Week reminded me of is something I learned years ago when I ran cross country, it’s that success follows preparation. For every new course we would race, we would go to a nearby park and layout a similar course and run it as though we are running the actual thing. This taught us how to leverage the design of the course to cut time off our run and improve positioning. Sprint Week showed me that it’s not just enough to show up for a cool event and get plugged in. It reminded me that that preparing myself in whatever way I can will only lead to more success on the course.

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